Open Letter To My Nation – Amb. Erhahon Prince Edoseghe

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My Fellow Nigerians, compliments of the season to everyone.

I understand that at such a time when many around the world are celebrating the Yuletide, spending time with friends, families and loved ones, making great plans for the coming year; more than half our population of about 180 million citizens are either stranded on the road or stuck in a queue, all in an effort to get fuel for whatever the need. I feel your pain, as this is not new to anyone who has lived in Nigeria in the past 20 years or more.

Each time this happens, all we are quick to do is, blame the current government. In a normal society, this is what ought to be, however in a society like ours with such leaders, we will see no change. Few years ago, we were fed up of the ruling government, partly because of corruption and largely because of our quest for change, so we voted them out. Unfortunately, we were not clear about the kind of change we wanted, so we only voted a change of banner or some might understand it as a change of logo. As we will agree, a mere logo or banner will not solve our problem as a nation. To our loss, these two camps of looters and clueless leaders have failed us. It is high time we bade them goodbye.

In all fairness, I must admit that our past and present leaders have tried, to be honest, they have served Nigeria well, to the best of their capacity and knowledge; but that was in their time. With the global changes and developments in all sectors, their skills no longer match up as competitive. They are better off as respected elder statesmen who should continually preach unity and lecture us on the history of Nigeria and Africa at large; because as we already see, their visions for the future is blurry. I do not mean to disrespect any of our leaders, but we must call a spade a spade.

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With the decaying state of the nation, dilapidating infrastructures and failing government, it is time we own up to the blame admit that while the government may have failed the people, it is the electorates who have failed the nation. Every country in Africa and many across the world look up to Nigeria, and if the best of us are what is represented in our government, then we must admit our self-inflicted fatiloquent doom, looming. On the contrary, I believe we have better leaders to offer. I believe my generation is sound and has foresight. I believe my generation has a conscience, I believe my generation can make my nation stand out and stand tall among other great nations of the world. I believe my generation can bring lead Africa to become the first Super Continent in the world. I believe my generation are leaders. I believe my generation are the only solution we seek as a nation. I believe in my generation.
As elections draw near, let us not be carried away by cheap propagandas of greedy politicians. I beg every youth to stand by a young leader in the coming election. One patriot you can hold accountable. If we must find the change we seek, we must stop recycling leaders. We must refuse to be bought so that they may have no hold over us, and if at all in that fear and consciousness, they may deliver. Let us try something new. Let us try someone new. Support the young candidates, bring in fresh minds, we need fresh ideas in our government. It is possible.

CHECK OUT THIS>  President Buhari is a disgrace and an unrepentant failure to Nigeria - Amb. Erhahon Prince Edoseghe

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Chairman, Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria -GDPN (SOUTH AFRICA LEAGUE)
and Leader of the African Forum.


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CHECK OUT THIS>  President Buhari is a disgrace and an unrepentant failure to Nigeria - Amb. Erhahon Prince Edoseghe
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